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Sometime this weekend a Winnipeg man made his way out of a trail he had been lost in for 23 days. He was going for a 1 night hunting trip. When he tried leaving he went back the way he came but he became stuck in a frozen bog. He lived in his 

Appletruck for a few weeks and survived only on melted snow and 1 apple. Just this week decided to head out and find his way out. He found a trail intersecting into another trail that lead him to the highway. Though him surviving alone in the bush for 23 days is quite possible police say this case is still under investigation. I feel he is telling the truth. The man is and looks 40 pounds lighter and unseen for 23 days I am almost certain he is telling the truth. But since I don’t want to risk it I will be updating this post in order to have full and true facts. This all and all was an amazing story to read because of the fact it has a danger factor which can be exciting but it also has a is this true is this false kind of thing to it. It really makes you wonder if the facts you receive are real/true. This story can also be found on CBC.Ca if you want updates. A link to the video.


A homeless Toronto man who was sleeping in a garbage bin was dumped into a garbage truck early on Thursday morning. The driver didn’t know until he wen’t to pick up a f more cans. The man began to bang on the inside of the truck until the driver heard. When he heard “Get me out of here” he knew something was up. He opened the side door and at that second the man said  “I think I need an ambulance” he was taken to the hospital with a few cuts and scrapes. He is reported to be okay but if he had been in there any longer he could have been crushed.

On the day of November 18 2012 Snow Lake Manitoba fell to what I call a Small Town Tragedy. The only member of the town that was in the plane is deceased after crashing while pioliting the plane, also 7 members of a mining company in the town named Dumas are injured but currently in stable condition. It was about 10 am when the plane wen’t down. A passenger called 911. Many people rushed to the hospital to prepare themselves for the injured. The RCMP rushed out a Hercules to fly around in the air and many people showed up to the airport. The crash site was said to be about 10km out of the airport into the bush. It was in a heavily wooded area.  The investigation that the Federal Transportation Saftey Board is running is still in the process. It seems the plane was operating fine when it took off and we are still unsure of what caused it.  I give my deepest sympathies to the family of the pilot. I know them and I know it was hard but they  have shown strength through this tragedy and I know they will pull through.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. -GamezFurLyfe

Through my looking at the survey I have found out that many people like the show Pretty little liars. Although I am not a watcher of that show I see many people did choose it as their favourite show. The Toronto Maple Leafs had the most likes for a sports team though. Onto who i thought was similar to me. Well to tell the truth I found no one similar from the other school. It seemed that a few people liked horseback riding playing with they’re bands and going to the farm where as here in Snow Lake I like Biking, skidooing, hanging out and playing World of Warcraft. Although I didn’t have similar interests with the kids from Wingham I did have similar interests with people from my school, those things being what I named off in my last sentence. I did like getting to know what everyone favoured for TV Shows, Games and other interests.

Hi I’m Zach! I am a fourteen year old kid who likes to bike, play xbox, listen to music, go Skidooing and most of all play World Of Warcraft.  The only game I play competitively would be World Of Warcraft. I happen to love more games then that though. I love racing games. Diablo 3. Starcraft 2 and other games. There is not much more about me I’m just your average fourteen year old.